Dispelling Bandwidth 
Myths in High-Performance Networks

Increasing network bandwidth delivers limited performance gains. Find out what key areas to focus on instead to reduce latency and congestion, and to improve workload completion times.

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More Bandwidth ≠ Better Performance

Bandwidth alone won't solve performance issues, there are other, more important factors to consider.
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It's not how many gigabits you have, but how you use them.
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It’s not uncommon for 90% of the traffic in traditional spine-leaf architectures to be routed through 20% of the links, creating route collisions and driving up congestion.
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Increasing bandwidth doesn't resolve the efficiency problem, but makes it easier for more data to travel over the network faster on its way to the switches - increasing congestion and workload latency.
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Oversubscription compounds the problem for both scale & budget.

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Cerio makes it possible to extend PCIe beyond the compute node – and the compute rack – to provide configurable, efficient row-scale computing that changes the economics of the data center.

Dr. Ryan Grant

Queen's University

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