Beyond the Rack: Optimizing Open Infrastructure for AI

Applying PCIe decoupling enables elastic capacity and accelerated data movement. Find out how this breakthrough technology overcomes the limitations of PCIe transport in distributed systems and review design considerations for common use cases.

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PCIe is a local bus, not a fabric

Extending PCIe for distributed systems creates fragility and complexity at scale. Decoupling PCIe traffic from the local bus enables highly robust systems for data center infrastructure.
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Multi-row scale for maximum flexibility and agility.
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End-to-end reliability, quality of service (QoS) and congestion control.
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Transport optimization for per-application data flows.
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Full heterogeneity for any PCIe device from any generation.

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PCIe decoupling in the Cerio platform makes it possible to extend PCIe beyond the compute node – and the compute rack – to provide configurable, efficient row-scale computing that changes the economics of the data center.

Dr. Ryan Grant

Queen’s University

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